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  1. IV Cannulae

    Intravenous (IV) cannulation is a technique in which a cannula is placed inside a vein to provide venous access. Venous access allows sampling of blood, as well as administration of fluids, medications, parenteral nutrition, chemotherapy, and blood products.
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  2. Accusure Simple Blood Glucometer

    Tiny Blood sample Required 0.5UI The quick result with in 8 sec.Less pain by alternative site testing. 1000 Test memory with date & time. Befor After measl Presetable. Keton warning function. Strip indication light. Strip ejection function.life time warranty.
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  3. Surgical Gauze Roller Bandage

    Gauze dressings are thick, cotton pads used to cover larger wounds. They are held in place with tape or by wrapping with a gauze strip (bandage). Dressings must be sterile and absorbent to deter the growth of bacteria, and should be left in place until the wound heals, unless it needs to be regularly cleaned.
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